Linux VPS Hosting Providers in Pakistan

Since the launch of 3G & 4G mobile services in Pakistan online business are expanding rapidly in the country and everyone is trying make their online presence as a result retailers and wholesalers are setting up their online presence. Small business websites with limited traffic can simply buy a shred hosting but big business with big traffic cannot use shared hosting because this will not meet their needs; as a result they need to move to high end web hosting solutions like VPS or Dedicated Servers. There are many VPS hosting providers in Pakistan trying to meet needs of the website owners. Here is list of features and price comparison of different vendors who are providing vps hosting in Pakistan.
CPU 1 Core 1 Core 1 Core 1 Core
HDD 25GB 80GB 20GB 75GB
IPs N/A 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP
Tech OpenVZ OpenVZ/KVM OpenVZ OpenVZ
Price $22.00 $19.99 $25.95 $34.00

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