Dedicated Servers in Pakistan

If you are planning to start a website you need a web server to host your files i.e. images, audios, videos which will show up on your website. There are many ways to host your website for example shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting but all these share resources and they mostly run multiple websites, in some cases they host thousands of websites as a result resources gets divided and your website do not run properly. If you are hosting your website on any of the shared server and one of the websites hosted on your server get a huge spike of traffic, your website will start loading slow or it might stop loading at all. When you get a dedicated server you get more control in your hand, that’s why it’s always a best idea to get a dedicated server if you are planning to run a serious website. Different providers offer different kind of dedicated servers with different specs and price. When selecting a dedicated server you will always want to get something with high specs i.e. More Hard Disk, Big RAM, Better CPU Speed, Good Cache, More Cores and High Bandwidth and off course good support from the data center. There are many dedicated server providers in Pakistan and we have chosen some of them with their initial plans and tried to compare them.

Intel Xeon E3-1270 (120 GB SSD + 16 GB DDR3 RAM + 15TB Bandwidth + 1GB Uplink & 5 IPs). Rs 13000 ($129.99) Good single processor Server with SSD in given price.

Rana HostIntel Xeon X3430 (HDD: 250 GB SATA, Bandwidth: 10TB, RAM: 8GB, 1GB Uplink & 5 IPs). Rs 13000 ($130) per month. Its a basic server with little extra price.

Intel Xeon 3440 (HDD: 1TB SATA / 120 GB SSD, Bandwidth: 15TB, RAM: 8GB, 1GB Uplink & 5 IPs). Rs 7999 ($79.99) per month. Basic server with SSD best specs & very low price.

hostndomainXeon E3-1230v3 (HDD: 1000 GB SATA, Bandwidth: 10TB, RAM: 8GB, 100MB Uplink & 3 IPs). Rs 22000 ($220) per month. Absoute basic server, low port speed & very expensive.

iweb.pkCore2 Quad 2.40GHz (HDD: 1 TB SATA, Bandwidth: 12TB, RAM: 8GB, Uplink: – & IPs:-). Rs 17500 ($169) per mo. Ok server with ok specs but price is very high.

WebSoulsIntel Xeon E3-1230V (HDD: 2000 GB SATA, Bandwidth: 10TB, RAM: 32GB, Uplink: N/A & IPs:N/A). Rs 11500 ($110) per month. Basic server better specs, No good Uplink & No Flexibility of IP, one can say ok price.

We have picked some of the random suppliers who offer basic & advance dedicated servers in Pakistan and tried to compare their prices. Some of them are selling at extraordinary high price as completed to services provided however some of them are offer good service at better price. since all server providers are selling different stuff that’s why its not very easy to compare however we can check the closeness of different machines and can compare them.

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